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The importance of Prediction, Preparation & Protection

As we get older, we (generally!) get wiser.

We know that life is not always a bed of roses.

We know that we will face challenges.

We hope not too many, but we know there will be some.

As we get older, we can also sometimes predict a change and spot a challenge in the distance. We can see it coming, especially if it’s something we’ve been through before.

That gives us time to prepare for it.

So how can you do that? And why is it important?

Preparing physically and mentally for a challenging time means we will be in the best possible state to deal with it. The challenge may impact us physically (eg treatment for an illness) or mentally (eg redundancy from a job). And as the mind and body continue to be shown to be closely linked,  looking after both is crucial to being able to navigate the road ahead.

For example: If we are stressed mentally and find it hard to sleep as a result, our body won’t be able to focus on the physical repair it may need. If we are stressed physically, with inflammation in our body due to eating foods that don’t serve us, we may find our anxiety is heightened.

It comes down to the basics, the fundamentals, the foundations of physical and mental wellness. It’s about prevention. It’s about taking action upfront to help protect our future.

If you have a challenging time ahead you could consider:

1)     Am I getting enough sleep?

2)     Am I eating foods that nurture my body?

3)     Am I moving regularly?

4)     Am I taking time out to rest and refresh?

5)     Am I connecting with people that lift me up make me feel good?

6)     Am I consciously nurturing a positive mental attitude?

You don't have to address all of these at once. Pick one to begin with. Whichever you feel will bring the greatest immediate benefit.

Unfortunately none of us is immune to situations that are hard to face. But face them we must. And by getting ourselves in the best position we can healthwise - by predicting and preparing for them - we will protect ourselves as best we can, and be in a far better place to work through the difficult times.

Of course, an optimal health state looks different for everyone. If you’d like to delve into what works best for you and your body, get in touch to find out about more about my personalised health coaching programme.

I’d love to help you get in shape physically and mentally for the road ahead. 

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