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Doing the best for YOU!

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be able to hop out of bed in the morning without a second thought, yet you like burning the midnight oil?

And why do some people get a kick out of Crossfit, but you think there’s nothing better than a leisurely stroll along the beach?

It’s because everyone is different!

Whilst you may have a close-knit group of friends, I'll bet you each have your own style, you've chosen different career paths, you order different coffees when you get together, and are drawn to different colours.

So why do so many of us try to ‘fix’ our health by following the same plan as everyone else?

Many of us try to ‘fight’ what our bodies naturally want to do. And believe we ‘should’ be doing the same as the next person or what we read in the latest magazine, so we get into a diet cycle that we can’t sustain – or deep down don’t want to.

Maybe it’s time to start listening to your body and trust that it is telling you what it needs.

There’s so much info out there, with many aspects of health, especially nutrition, still the subject of much debate, controversy and misunderstanding. It's not surprising you get confused and overwhelmed, and half the time the info you read or hear may not be relevant to you anyway!

This is why I am passionate about a personalised health approach. An approach or a programme that will work for YOU, not the next person in the supermarket queue, or your mum, or your colleague.

Every BODY has different needs. And it’s probably giving you signs whether or not you're on the right track – whether you sleep well or not, whether you maintain or gain weight easily, whether you lack or have abundant energy…..all of these are indicators that you should be aware of.

I’ve often wondered why I find it hard to truly relax and why the thought of quiet contemplation whilst sitting still for 30 minutes fills me with fear. I have (finally) accepted that my way of relaxing isn’t with typical meditation….I find I relax and release any stress through physical activity. I feel refreshed and invigorated after I run. Yet for some people, that is the worst thing they can think of – and THAT’s OK! I am different from you, so what works for me may not work for you!

There is plenty of evidence showing that personalising healthcare and approaches to health and wellness can positively impact the results that patients and clients experience: there is evidence that the personalising fitness programmes can eliminate 84% of non responders; there is evidence that personalising chemotherapy treatments can take the survival rate from 17% to 70%. So personalisation can have a huge positive impact on the efficacy of a programme – and getting results that are sustainable.

And then if we don’t just look at personalising health, but we look at all elements that impact a healthy lifestyle – not just physical activity and nutrition, but also your mindset, where you live, the type of environment you like to spend time in, how you like to interact socially and where you natural talents lie – we can build a truly holistic view of how to live your best life.

If this is something you’re keen to know more about, and find out how we can work together to create a healthier life that is right for YOU, contact me now at

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