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5 Tips to Stop the Overwhelm

It’s easy at this time of year to feel bogged down with gift buying, school activities, social events, work….never mind trying to shift a couple of kilos before the holidays and meal planning for the family Christmas get together…..phew, I’m just exhausted thinking about it!

Here are 5 tips to help you out:

1. Plan ahead as much as possible – write lists for presents to buy, meals to plan, and keep on top of your diary commitments (and keep those lists somewhere safe and to hand).

2. It’s easy to indulge in cheese, cakes and alcohol over the next few weeks as social events step up. Try to consciously limit the indulgence to a few key events, and then make sure you’re topping up with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in between.

3. Get outside daily for fresh air – even if you’re in the UK and the weather isn’t great. Going for a 15 minute walk with the family, the dog or just by yourself for some peace and quiet can be such a huge help in grounding your mind and invigorating your body.

4. Drink water, water and more water! Really monitor your water intake and aim to get 2 litres a day no matter what, and no matter where you are in the world. If you’re exercising or doing another strenuous activity, you’ll need more of course. Plus as the weather warms up in NZ, make sure you always have a water bottle to sip from.

5. Try to stay in a place of gratitude. Rather than feel upset and frustrated by everything you need to achieve between now and Christmas, feel grateful that you have all these things in your life. Many people will be dreading the festive season, for different reasons. Everyone has their own story and their own life challenges to face – you won’t necessarily know what they are, so be kind and generous in spirit. You might find you make a real difference to someone’s day by smiling and saying hello as you walk down the street, or paying them a complement whilst waiting in the queue.

Have a Merry Christmas, take care of yourself and those close to you, and see you in 2019!

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