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4 Ways to Uncover Your Superpowers

Are you trying to be a superhero?

It can be exhausting trying to be all things to all people all of the time.

Spoiler alert: I reveal you already have superpowers!

And suggest some ideas about how to identify what they are.

This blog was inspired by Jess Stuart's book 'The Superwoman Survival Guide', where she busts the myth that we have to change or do more to be a superwoman.

The thing is, this notion of the perfect being, this superhero, exists in fantasyland only, and continually trying to reach it is exhausting. Many people feel overwhelmed trying to do and be it all. Thinking they should be able to have the cake and eat it, not leaving anything on the table, making the most of every opportunity. And feeling that they always fall short of the ideal. They wonder why they get burned out, are tired all the time, and never feel like they are doing anything well.

What about all the SuperMEN out there?

And is it all about women? What about husbands, partners, brothers, dads, friends – are they immune from this feeling of having to be all things to all people, judging themselves against this perfect picture? No. Studies have shown that men can be just as affected by this as women.

The things is…we are ALL superheros already. But we often don’t see it.

Boosting superpowers

Typically people see their weaknesses first and try to ‘plug the gap’, try to improve so the weakness isn’t there any more or is, at least, managed. But what happens if this is flipped around? What happens if people focus instead on acknowledging their strengths (superpowers) and focus on boosting those? What happens if they start to believe they are already superheros and confidently go about life using and harnessing these powers to the best of their abilities?

Studies have shown that people who focus on strengths are happier, more productive, have more energy and have a higher level of self esteem and confidence.

How do we do this?

The first step is working out where your own individual superpowers lie.

The second step is harnessing those strengths, and focusing your efforts on growing those rather than focusing on your weaknesses.

Here are some ways to get a handle on your superpowers:

1. Spend 20 minutes thinking and writing down your strengths – tip: these are often things that come easily to us, are innate to our being, and as such we often regard them as unimportant and assume everyone has this characteristic or trait or skill. They are usually the things that energise us.

2. Ask your friends, family or work colleagues to help you create a list of your strengths – tip: see if you can spot patterns or repetitive words in their feedback. Explain what you’re doing and maybe you can return the favour – building superpowers and positivity throughout your community!

3. List your accomplishments – tip: think of things that have energised you, rather than things you’d write on a CV. Try to limit the list to three items and see if there’s a common thread.

4. You can take a scientifically-based survey – if you’re interested in delving deeper, you might want to find out more about how the epigenetic profiling I do with clients helps them on their journey to a healthier and happier life.

Looking at their genes, and how they express themselves in response to their lifestyle, can provide so much insight and guidance for moving forward. Together we consider health and wellbeing wholistically – so not just nutrition and movement but also social interactions, mindset, environment, daily schedules – and their natural talents and strengths. Having the info is one thing: this helps clients recognise their innate strengths. However it's through coaching, with my support, that they really harness and work with these strengths and take action in a way that is right for their body, their mind and their lifestyle.

When you dig in to who you are, when you give yourself space and permission to delve into greater self awareness, you start to see yourself in a different light. You start to see who you are at the core, acknowledge your unique differences, and recognise they are shining lights that have always been there – they are your superpowers. They will embrace you with positivity, help you live in flow and enable you to contribute at your optimum to your family, community and at work.

It’s time to embrace and celebrate the superhero you already are!

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