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One day – or day one? You decide.

What’s on your ‘one day’ list? What hopes do you harbour for that one day when the stars align, everything else is going swimmingly, and the risk is low? Let me tell you, that perfect day never comes. Name a day in the past when everything has gone to plan 100%? I have to admit, I would struggle to name a handful. Not because I haven’t had great days – there have been many awesome days and so many amazing memories – but because very little in life goes to plan. However well organised you are, whatever you do to mitigate risk, you cannot control 99% of what happens. There are other people involved and we are all tiny cogs in a big machine. Oh that doesn’t sound good does it? But that’s what most of us can feel like from day to day. The routine, the expectations, we get into a rhythm that leaves little room for change………but does it have to be like this? Whilst much of the world is waiting for the perfect day to tackle that ‘one day’ project or goal, whilst the rest of the cogs keep turning, why can’t it be you who causes disruption? Why can’t it be you that leads and shows others how to take charge and take on that passion project, or train in a new discipline, or take up a new hobby? As the adage goes: If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

It all comes down to a decision. If you’re like me, you’ll know those times when you’re mulling whether to do this or that, the uncertainty that comes from indecision, how it can take over your thoughts. But once you make a decision, it’s a relief and you can move on. Well, this is the same. Make a decision to do whatever it is on your One Day List… don’t need to know how…trying to figure out the detail whilst you’re still in a mode of indecision is hard. Believe me, once you make the decision to move forward – and I mean a real decision, one with commitment and conviction – then the how will become clearer. Because you’ve freed your mind from the actual decision making and can start the exciting journey of reaching that goal.

I know because I have been there, and I will keep going there. Because taking a leap of faith to do something so far from my comfort zone, without knowing the hows and whens, has shown me what is possible. It has opened up a whole new world for me. It has taught me so much and I continue to learn about myself, others, and most of all, that it’s good to keep dreams alive. The important thing, however, is to take action on those dreams. I have so many more dreams now that I did a year ago. And now I am looking forward to turning those dreams into goals, with a plan. My mind has been opened to the possibilities and what my greater contribution can be. It’s exciting! I am fired up! That feeling is hard to ignore and hard to go back from. And why should we? Why shouldn’t we all – yes, including you! – feel on fire and emboldened and driven to achieve whatever is on our list, why shouldn’t we feel passionate about life?

So, NOW is the day, today, this hour, this minute!

Make that decision…make that commitment to yourself….

Go on, I challenge you!

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