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 Feed Your Favourites

Nourishing dinners in challenging times

Two weeks of dinners to nourish you

and your family/friends  

This is for you, if you...

...want to limit the trips to the supermarket

...are keeping an eye on your food budget

...want to ensure your family is well nourished

...are fed up of the question 'what's for dinner?' 

  • 14 recipes, split into two one-week menus

  • Shopping list for each week, based on 4 people

  • Using everyday ingredients

  • Family-friendly and affordable

  • Focused on variety and wholefoods to ensure a rounded nutritional intake

  • Recipes take under 40 minutes to prepare, or can be made in advance in the slow cooker.

Buy Feed Your Favourites plan for just $25 NZD

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