Ditch the Diet 8-week group

Learn to live a healthful life without the guilt & frustration

We've got used to thinking that extremes and restrictions are the only way to get healthy.

And whilst we might get short term results, it's easy to end up on an on-off-on cycle that never ends.

There isn't a magic wand. But there is another way. 

It starts with re-learning to trust your body and yourself.

In the busyness of life, we've lost this ability to tune in.

When we become more aware, we  have choices, and can make

helpful and healthful decisions that serve us well. 


The reality is one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to being healthy.

So as well as building trust in yourself again, we'll also use

your unique biology to provide guidance. 

Once you start doing things in a way that's right for you as an

individual, you'll start to thrive in all areas of your life. 

It's a way that is based in science and medical research, but is also compassionate. 

You'll be able to make small changes to get immediate results, and put the foundations

in place for your long-term health.

In the 8 week group, I'll be helping you navigate this journey, looking at health in a new way

that is liberating and sustainable - and ultimately healthier - for you in the long run. 

Your unique body can provide you with the guidance you need to live a healthful life without the guilt and frustration.

In my Ditch the Diet 8-week group,

you’ll discover what YOUR body needs and why,

and you’ll grow in awareness

so you can choose what action to take and when.

Join the Ditch the Diet 8-week group and….

-        Learn what drives your decisions around food

-        Develop a more positive relationship with food

-        Gain the knowledge of what your body and mind need to thrive

-        Understand what impacts your health in addition to food and exercise

-        Take action confidently and consciously

Group numbers will be limited so email me now to register your interest, and be the first to hear about the next start date. 

"Since completing the programme with Sian, I sleep better, feel fitter, healthier, and I have become more aware of my patterns of behaviour especially around food.


I loved the way we looked at different aspects of our lives to help us live a healthier overall lifestyle, The programme built on different aspects each week - but it wasn’t too hard to follow and do, the information was easy to read and take in.


Thank you, Sian, for the wonderful gift you have given us, it has been a gift of awareness and choice, that will support me

for many years to come.  


I would highly recommend this programme to anyone who would like to look at their overall health and lifestyle choices –

it is so worth it in every way.”


You don't have to do what you've always done.

Join the Ditch the Diet group and lean in to who you are, confident with the knowledge and insight to live life to the full, in the way that is best for you.

Dates and times for the next Zoom and In-person groups will be posted here in the New Year.

Email me to be the first to hear about the next start date!

It is your journey, so we will work flexibly to ensure all group members get the right support in the areas they need. We'll be a small group so there is plenty of opportunity to benefit from a very personalised coaching experience. Each week you'll set goals to help move you forward. They will be practical and achievable but challenging enough that you make progress. 

Isn’t this just another diet?

No, this is an opportunity for you to learn about yourself and what your unique body needs biologically. Whilst there is guidance and recommendations around different areas of life, there is no prescribed plan, calorie counting or elimination of food groups.

I coach using a non-diet lens, which means that the focus is on gentle wholefood-based nutrition, learning what drives your eating decisions, and becoming more conscious with your choices. You'll learn how to read your body cues, become more mindful around food, and really start to appreciate the incredible body you have.

The most important thing isn’t knowing the information, but putting it into practice. And through our sessions you will be motivated and encouraged to take practical, step-by-step actions so you can see the benefits straight away, then build on them. Sometimes the smallest changes can lead to the biggest results!


With my support, you will have the tools to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle 

that is exactly right for you, your body and mind.