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Coaching Services

In Momentum

Once you’ve got started, how do you keep going?

Habits can take 4-12 weeks to strengthen, and longer to become lifelong.

But don’t let this stall you – we’re not looking at a quick fix or a

one-week-wonder plan. This is about taking significant steps right now to bring the rest of your life in balance.

And I am here to help you through.

Everyone likes or needs different levels of support. These blocks of four consultation sessions are available to anyone who has completed the

Off the Blocks programme, and provides flexibility so you can benefit

from coaching on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad-hoc basis.

In Momentum Package                $250 NZD


4 x Consultations 30-45 minutes each

To be taken within 6 months from booking.


Personalised Health

About ph360

The ph360 personalised health platform will provide us with the best foods for you to eat and when, the best type and timing of your physical activity, and how best to decrease your stress at home and at work.

It brings together 15 different scientific disciplines together with over 20,000 case studies and 20 years of research.

Based on your body measurements, questions about your health history, genetic lineage, environment and lifestyle, during which over 10,000 data points are captured, the platform will create a 4D personalised profile, looking at how your genes are currently behaving and how to get them to their optimal state.

But having the info isn’t as important as putting it into practice!

Together we will create a programme that supports you, your genetics, your mind and your motivation. The most important thing to me is your result, and I will work with you to make sure you get it.

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