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My Story

Leading a busy life, trying to manage the juggle, being all things to all people, plus trying to find time to keep track of your own health. I know all about the reality of life!

Helping others find their way to better health in a practical and easy-to-implement way that is right for them, their body and lifestyle is something I am super passionate about.


Let me introduce myself - I’m Sian, mum of two boys, wife, business owner, keen trail runner, volunteer – and holistic health coach!

My recent health journey began in 2016, just as I turned 40. It was time to reclaim my health after having spent a decade working long hours and having our two gorgeous boys. I had forgotten how good it felt to be focused on me and my health instead of always being there and doing things for others. 

As I got myself to a place where my healthy lifestyle was sustainable - and still enjoyable! - my passion ignited to learn more about nutrition and health so I could help others with their healthy living journey. 

I am a Certified & Registered Nutrition & Health Coach, and an Endorsed ph360 Personalised Health Coach, 

But my own journey hasn't stopped. It evolves as I change, reach new stages in my life, and as I want to achieve new things. It's exciting to be constantly learning and adjusting and challenging myself. 

Now I am excited about helping YOU achieve your own brand of healthy living,

unique to YOU and your family!

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